2006 Ulysses AGM Ride - Ulverstone, Tasmania



This page heads a revamp of the original story written back in 2006 after the ride. That was in the days before I had established this website, so I thought it was time I updated it to a similar format to that which I use now and add in photos that did not form part of the original web page/story. I have not rewritten the actual story but it has been polished up a bit. The original was written after we came home from the ride as I didn't take a laptop with me in those days, unlike now when the stories are written daily while the memory is fresh.


This ride was one that while not done as a group ride with our AWRA group, as many of us are Ulysseans, a lot of club members also went, leaving at differing times with us meeting up either on the road or in Tasmania. Thanks to all for the company on the way round.


Goldwings aren’t built for parking in the shed.


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Story and photos

Week 1

Week 2