2006 Ulverstone Ulysses AGM Ride - Day 15



Friday, 17 March 2006: Melbourne - Cowra

Off the ferry and through Melbourne to drop Deb off then we head north toward home. Geoff and Julie decide to take their own route so it’s Eric, Larry and Annette, Des and Joan, Simon and Carol and Therese and I. We roll into Cowra and look for a motel. After finding one that looks OK the rest of the guys start negotiating a fair rate.

A young boy wanders over, quickly chased by his mum who isn’t impressed that her son is talking to some bikers. Apparently the kid wanders off to talks to anyone. In an effort to discourage this type of behaviour, I take him for a ride around the car park and give him some lollies. Negotiating doesn’t go well as the lady is confident that it’s Friday night and there will be plenty of others along. We move to another motel then Geoff and Julie turn up as we finalise the arrangements. Later that evening as we head off for a chinese banquet, we note our motel has a no vacancy sign but the first one is still available for the non-existent travellers.