2006 Ulverstone Ulysses AGM Ride - Day 17



Sunday, 19 March 2006: Glen Innis - Tenterfield - Amberley - Home

We left Glen Innis early for breakfast in Tenterfield. The place we planned to eat at wasn’t open so we went back to one we saw on the way into town. We met up with a few local Ulysses members who offer us the hospitality of a hall should we want to do an overnight ride to Tenterfield at some time. While eating breakfast, two red Goldwing 1800s arrive and it turns out they’re from the Redlands area. We exchange details and maybe gain a couple of new members.

Not much to do now but ride the last couple of hours to Amberley where we stop for the final photos, coffee and goodbyes before heading our separate ways to home. What a great holiday. 17 days on the road and there were only two of them on which we didn’t do a substantial number of kilometres. I did just over 6,000 myself. It was a first for Therese, having previously only done a couple of two day overnight rides maxing out at about 1300 klms and it was her first Ulysses AGM. Did she enjoy it? She certainly seemed to; didn’t have to look after the kids and me for two weeks and had all meals etc done for her.

I don’t know whether I will be able to talk her into another but if not, it won’t be because she didn’t have a good time at this one. Shame next year is only at Coffs Harbour, we may need to plan a long route to get there and back.



 All home safe and sound after 17 days on the road