Victoria and the Great Ocean Road - Day 10



Monday, 29 September 2008: Melbourne.

The bike is still where it was left and is OK. The next two days are just to be a break and an opportunity to have a look around the centre of Melbourne. We met up with John Gilbert for a coffee and he tells us that our former Queensland member, Lindsay Sacks, is now in Melbourne and has started to ride with them. A quick look at some of the bike shops and Therese looking at lots of other shops and that pretty much sees out the day.

Back to the motel and finally get some time to complete putting the AWRA Wing Notes magazine together and have internet access to publish it. I have learned a lesson on this trip and in future will get my own mobile internet access to make use of it as and when I need to.

I’ve also learned not to save some small space and weight by relying on the bike to charge phones and battery packs. It would have been better to have all the 240v chargers.


Sorry, no photos for today. A bit slack I know but that's what happens sometimes.