Victorian High Country Ride 2015



1/11/2015: This ride is an Australian Wing Riders Association ride and was organised by Craig Dixon of the Victorian Group. Ten days riding through the Snowy Mountains and Victorian Highlands. A lot of territory including the Kosciuszko National Park, Alpine National Park, Yarra Ranges National Park and Snowy River National Park. Should be a ball of fun; at this point the group will be around six bikes and 12 people and around 5,500 klms and 15 days by the time we rise down to the start and back home.

All the necessary pages and links are already set-up and I'll will fill in the details as we go. That means, if you go to a page for a day in the future, there won't be anything there, 'cause we haven't got there yet. Sorry about that but the crystal ball doesn't travel well.

As usual this information is for the interest of family and friends that like to travel with us from home or just to keep a track of where we are. I hope you all enjoy the ride and is exciting and as entertaining for you and us as the last one.


See here for an approximate map of the route.


Read and enjoy the trip as much as we did. If you want to contact us, click on the "Contact us" link on the menu.


Story and Photos


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A Trip Synopsis will be here after we get home..