Victorian High Country Ride - Day 1


Saturday, 7 November 2015


Late last night an email arrived letting us know that one of the couples was withdrawing as the husband had been hospitalised with a chest infection. Not a good omen for the trip but we may be able to catch-up with them when in the Melbourne area next week.

Up this morning just after 4:00am. Quick breakfast, last minutes tasks, load the last things that didn't go in last night and away we go at 4:55am, only 10mins after planned. The schedule ride called for everyone to meet at Yamanto to leave at 6:00am. We arrived at around 5:45, no others in sight and the servo closed. Down the road to the next servo to top off the tank and I started to worry whether I was in the right place. We are usually last to arrive so with no-one around and the tank full, I decided to make a couple of calls to see where anyone else was. No response from the phone. Great, just what I need. We then spotted two of the group arriving, so it was back to Maccas and show for once we were early.

It was obviously too early in the morning for me and I finally realised that the phone had still been connected to the bluetooth on the bike and I couldn't hear anything without the helmet on.

Okay, one couple still missing. Another phone call, this time with the bike disconnected. "Where are you?" "Home, just leaving." "What happened to the 6:00am start?" "Wasn't it 7:00?" "No, see you when you get here". So far this trip is going real well, not. Things soon turned into "We'll meet up at Stanthorpe, the next fuel/break stop".

After all that it has been a good day. All together, beautiful weather although it was on 30 degrees C most of the afternoon, some late cloud cover made things a bit more pleasant. Just a transport day to Gunnedah with not much more exciting than to change all the clocks forward one hour for daylight saving. We travelled down via Texas,Warialda, Bingara, Barraba and Manila arriving in Gunnedah about 4:30pm NSW time. This is mostly scrubby type country and as you get closer to Gunnedah, it gets greener and there is some wheat cultivation. Nice country and mostly good roads, we've travelled it before and it's good to keep away from all the traffic of the major roads.

I've attached a few photos to show a bit of the country.



  • Ready to leave Yamanto (minus 2 who caught up later)
  • Wild flowers on the roadsidfe
  • Sculpture in Texas
  • Silky Oak tree in flower in Warialda
  • Wheat silos near Manila
  • Property house near Manila
  • OLd and new property buildings
  • Wheat crop ready for harvest
  • At the motel in Gunnedah




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