Victorian High Country Ride - Day 2


Sunday, 8 November 2015


Another transport day today with a bit of fun built in. Only 348 klms today after yesterdays 659 klms. I forgot to mention how good it was yesterday. The bike has managed to rack up over 100,000 klms over the years and a couple of months ago I treated it to a full suspension rebuild and upgrade. What a difference! It now absorbs the bumps in a manner that it always should have, it also handles the load much better. A set of new tyres for the trip adds to the balance and confident handling it is providing. Much improved.


Today dawned a beautiful day and in 20 degrees temperature we headed off on a 90 minute run to Coolah for breakfast. Now we know why it's called Coolah. First the cross-wind started blowing which wasn't too bad for the first 30 minutes or so then some lovely high rain cloud came over the range, the wind picked up and was coming directly off the rain and the temperature dropped to 17 degrees and eventually went as low as 15. A short stop at the Black Stump rest area. So many mid-western towns claim to have the "Black Stump" as in "beyond the black stump" is where the outback starts.


Everyone kitted up in warmer gear then after a leisurely breakfast in Coolah, (because it was warm inside), we headed for Gulgong for a quick lap of a very old, traditional looking town then on to Mudgee for a fuel stop then on to Bathurst The day cleared back up to around 20 degrees again and the riding, mainly on main roads, made for a great day.


No red-blooded Australian male can go to Bathurst and not check out the Mt Panorama circuit. On the last two trips I have here, we have tried to lap the circuit and both times there has been either a race meeting in progress or resurfacing underway, so we haven't been able to. Third time lucky? As we approached, there were roadworks going on at the entrance so I thought we would miss out again but there was access available so in we went. This opportunity was especially good as the Great Race was only a month ago. This meant all the sign writing was still there and in good condition. After a lap of the track, actually a public road with a 60 kph speed limit, and a second lap to stop at the lookout at the top of the circuit, we headed back into the city for coffee and lunch at a little bakery that proudly showed their Bathurst Show prize winning ribbon. Great coffee and great eats as well.


We dropped Clint and Charleen off as they were staying in Bathurst for the night and we headed for Blayney. We'll meet up in the morning and head via a scenic route to Yass where we will catch up with the rest of the riders.


Dinner tonight at Hang Sing, a Chinese restaurant here in Blayney. The restaurant has been in the family for 40 years, great people, great service and great food.


  • Wheat field sout of Gunnedah, the clouds are starting to build
  • Just some native vegetation on the road reserve
  • Taking a break at the Black Stump Rest Area
  • Taking a break at the Black Stump Rest Area
  • One of the old shops in Gulgong. Lovely place, weve spent time here before
  • ANZAC Memorial Garden at Gulgong
  • Vinyards at Mudgee
  • Following Clint round the Mt Panorama Circuit
  • Following Clint round the Mt Panorama Circuit
  • Lined up on the starting line Mt Panorama Circuit
  • The pit area from Mcphillamy Park, Mount Panorama
  • At Mcphillamy Park Lookout, Mount Panorama. The top of the Circuit


Video of the ride around Mt Panorama, boring bits removed. 4 mins 25 secs, 68Mb.


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