Victorian High Country Ride - Day 3


Monday, 9 November 2015


Short transport hop today, 205 klms, but that's not to say it wasn't interesting. If you are ever in Blayney and looking for a coffee and/or a snack, call in to Ryan's Bakery. I love these little country towns. Always good food, friendly service generous meals and excellent prices. Just like last night's dinner. Don't worry, this isn't Facebook so you won't be getting any photos of meals.


Heading south towards Cowra with the temperature starting of at 15 degrees, we turned off into Woodstock on the way to Wyangala Dam for a look see and a different way to following the highway. The road is just a secondary with a few rough patches but has a terrific section of tight twisty corners. An opportunity to have a bit of fun on a down hill run. Certainly keeps the pillions on their toes and the bikes sweep from side to side, left to right.


The dam is a rock wall dam and the road crosses the wall. We picked a top spot to park as looking down to the water, we could see the remains of the old concrete wall and fish and turtles swimming. From here we continued on toward Yass with a couple of dips that resulted in some hard braking for me after seeing Clint drop into them. A radio call to warn the others meant they could avoid the issue. After dodging a brown snake on the road we encountered some roadworks. Not just a gravel surface but in this case, they had torn up the complete road surface leaving nothing but loose gravel and a wet clay surface. Slippery and no fun caused some near panic from the pillions with one choosing to walk the worst 100 metres. We all made it through unscathed with nothing but some clay mud on tyres and boots.


A break in Boorowa for coffee, by which time the temperature had risen to a sensible 21 degrees, and a catch-up with a friend, then onto Yass for an early day, a chance to wash some bugs off the bikes and have a look around.


At the motel we caught up with Craig, our Ride Coordinator from the Victorian Group and Dan and Kat from near Lismore. We all got together for dinner tonight and we will hit the road at 8:00am tomorrow.



  • Grazing land souith of Blayney
  • Royal Hotel, Woodstock
  • Sheep on the road near Wyangala Recreation Reserve
  • Grazing land near Wyangala Recreation Reserve
  • On the wall overlooking the Wyangala Dam
  • The bikes parked on the Wyangala Dam wall
  • Parked on the Wyangala Dam wall, another windscreen full of bugs
  • Looking from the Wyangala Dam wall towards the Recreation area buildings
  • Being forced to pose for a photo
  • Slipping and sliding through the road works
  • Gardens in the centre of Boorowa
  • Yass River from our motel
  • All together, meet and greet drinks before dinner



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