Victorian High Country Ride - Day 4


Tuesday, 10 November 2015


First day of the ride we came down for. 381 klms completed and what a great day. Left Yass a bit after 8:00am and headed for Canberra. Rather that go through Canberra, we skirted it around the north side past Black Mountain . Someone down here needs to learn how to coordinate traffic lights to improve traffic flow. We were on a major route, 80 - 90 kph, 3 lanes of traffic and we caught multiple red lights, one after the other.


From Canberra it was on to a small town, Michelago, for coffee and a break at the General Store. What a fantastic little place. Apart from the good friendly service, this little store had such a range of products that you could not believe it. From fresh fruit, kids clothes, hardware and even down to equipment to set up an electric fence to control your cattle, or kids maybe.


After smoko it was on to Jindabyne passing some strange country. Lush green rolling hills but all these areas of rocky outcrops and dead trees. Therese commented that it looked like "the land that time forgot". Apparently it is actually Dairymans Plains but often known locally and Dairymans Dead Plains.


More slippery roadworks today but no where near as bad as Sunday's fun. There was a large steel "mesh" ball in the road reserve but I have no idea what it was or what it represented but I included a photo for your perusal.


Lunch at Jindabyne then we headed for Khancoban via the Alpine Way stopping in at Thredbo on the way. The hills here are covered in what looks like dead trees. I suspect they may be similar to a situation I came across a few years ago near Mt Hotham where the area had been burned by a bush fire and the trees, which normally come back within weeks of the fire, never recovered and left that area covered with dead trees. Around Thredbo, you could still see some remaining snow on the high hills but all the ski lifts and runs were just grassed cleared strips on the side of the mountain.


The ride down the range was a ball of fun and enjoyed by all the riders and most of the pillions. Just before Khancoban we stopped in to see the Murray No 1 Hydro Power Station and saw some of the history of the Snowy Scheme that built the dam and the power stations in the late 50s early 60s.


Into Corryong around 5:00pm with time for a rest up before dinner at the local pub down the road. Would you believe that a large number of those there for dinner, in addition to us were another bunch of Queensland riders also staying overnight. One of them was actually almost a neighbour to one of our group. It's a small world.



  • Horse Stud near Canberra. Rose bushes planted alongh the frontage, probably for at least 500 metres
  • Black Mountain Telstra Tower, Canberra
  • Large solar farm south of Canberra
  • Morning smoko at Michelago General Store
  • Entrance to Cooma
  • Large metal sculpture on the roadside. At least that's what we assumed it was.
  • Flat plain south of Cooma. Lots of piles of apparently granite rocks and dead trees. Local referred to the area as Dairymans PLains.
  • Equestrian centre at Jindabyne
  • Jindabyne Dam water outlet
  • Entering Jindabyne overlooking Lake Jindabyne
  • Last of the winter season snow
  • Thredbo township
  • Spring view of the ski lifts and ski runs
  • The clouds built up during the day but the forecast rain didn't appear.
  • Riding down the Alpine Way
  • Riding down the Alpine Way
  • Looking back at the ranges from Scammells Lookout on the Alpine Way. Mt Kosciuszko is actually behind this range.
  • Having to pose for another photo.
  • Murray No 1 Hydro Power Station
  • Pipes bringing the water to the Murray No 1 Hydro Power Station
  • Lined up at Khancoban Lake at Khancoban.



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