Victorian High Country Ride - Day 8


Saturday, 14 November 2015


Rest day today after a week of riding. You know, like a weekend. What is the best thing to do on a weekend, go for a ride of course. With Therese being born a Kelly, and Glenrowan being just up the road, we thought we should go and pay a visit to a famous "Cousin" Edward 'Ned' Kelly. For anyone unaware of Australian history/culture, Ned Kelly was a bushranger back in the 1880s.


North out of Bright on the Great Alpine Road through Myrtleford then onto Snow Road and through Milawa. No need to look around there as we will be back tomorrow through via a different route. On through Oxley and onto the Hume Freeway for a short distance before exiting into Glenrowan. The town initially looks like it is mainly just the main road passing through with all the tourist traps attractions along the road but a ride around on the other side of the railway line left us with the impression of quite a nice small country town.


A drop into the Glenrowan Tourist Centre saw us in what is claimed to be the largest collection of genuine Ned Kelly paraphernalia and there was an animated show re-enacting the complete event from the police planning to the hanging of Ned. The 80 year old bloke that owns, runs and even lives in the centre was insistent in explaining the 40 year history of the centre and claiming its part in leading the establishment of many other tourist animatronics shows. Not sure which was the most entertaining part, his stories or the actual show.


The entry fee did not make it the least expensive show I have ever attended and even with the entertainment of the owner I was questioning the value until the second part of the show in the Inn before the siege. In picture 6 you will see a large dog standing up against the bar. I'm not telling you why it's there but you can see the dog's act in picture 7. Yep, definitely got the value. As part of the shootout we got to experience the burning of the Inn complete with smoke followed by the cold jail and the hanging. Good fun.


Lunch was at the Billy Tea Rooms where most menu item names included the words Ned Kelly; Ned Kelly Scones, Ned Kelly Damper etc. After that, a tour of the souvenir shops and we then walked around and checked out the actual sites where the events occurred. It was good to see the entire event in perspective. A ride around the town for a look-see and back on the bike to come home via Wangaratta and the Great Alpine Road.


181 klms today, tomorrow it's back on the road after 3 nights in Bright, destination Yea.



  • Cattle north of Bright
  • Horses north of Bright
  • We're in Ned Kelly Country
  • Animated show of the Glenrowan Siege - The police getting organised
  • Animated show of the Glenrowan Seige - In the Inn with the Kelly gang
  • Animated show of the Glenrowan Siege; Why was the dog standing against the bar?
  • The dog played a good part
  • Animated show of the Glenrowan Seige - The Shootout
  • Animated show of the Glenrowan Seige - The Shootout
  • Animated show of the Glenrowan Seige - The Shootout - Townsfolk and Journalists on the roof
  • Therese (nee Kelly) catches up with "Cousin" Ned
  • Guide to the actual sites - Where the Inn was burnt down with Dan Kelly, Joe Burn and Steve Hart inside
  • The place where Ned was wounded and captured
  • Winery near Myrtleford


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