Victorian High Country Ride - Day 10


Monday, 16 November 2015


Up and underway this morning at 8:00am with the temperature at 12 degrees, beautiful morning though with just a light fog. First stop just a few kilometres out of Yea at the old Cheviot railway tunnel. The disused railway line is now a walking, horse riding and bicycle trail. The tunnel goes under McLoughlin's Gap in the Black Range. 201 metres long and completely lined with handmade bricks. In operation from 1889 - 1979. Only problem was, the only way to get there involved another dusty gravel road.


From there we headed east through Alexandra and up the range to a lookout above a section of Lake Eildon. This is a big lake and the section we saw today is a long way from the section at Bonnie Doon. Then it was down to Eildon township for a smoko break. After smoko we headed south through Taggerty and past the Cathedral Ranges and through Buxton. Then it was down the Black Spur to Healesville, a section of twisty road known as one of the best motorcycling roads in Victoria. Unfortunately these days it has a speed limit of 80 kph as a result of multiple accidents. Great riding through some beautiful lush range forest with very tall, straight gum trees and large tree ferns.


From Healesville we continued south east on to Warburton to take a short break before heading for Noojee for lunch. About 3 klms before Noojee we sidetracked, a gravel one at that, to take a look at an old trestle railway bridge. This is a very interesting piece of construction, 102 metres long, 21 metres high and built in a curve. No longer used but as with the tunnel, forms a part of trails common in this area. When you look at the long poles on which the bridge is built, you can easily see that it would have made good use of the tall gum trees growing through the area. Lunch at the small General Store/Cafe at Noojee was an experience with a lovely lady that would do anything for you, beautiful fresh salad rolls and coffee.


After lunch it was south to Yarragon then east to Moe and arriving in Traralgon about 3:30pm and checking in for the next two nights. With the promise of no dusty gravel roads tomorrow, a cleanup crew was organised to ensure that the bikes at least looked respectable and the changes of paint damage from dust abrasion is reduced.


290klms today and tomorrow we explore this area.



  • Leaving Yea, 12 degrees and a light fog
  • Here we go again, another dusty gravel road
  • The old and now disused Cheviot railway tunnel
  • Inside the disused Cheviot railway tunnel
  • Inside the tunnel - Stand here when a train comes by
  • Back to Lake Eildon again, different view, at about 60%
  • A piece of artwork at Eildon for smoko
  • Mt Cathedral in the Cathedral Range near Taggerty
  • Beautiful tree ferns at the sides of the Black Spur Rd, a favourite motorcycling road
  • Magnificent tall straight gum trees on the Black Spur Rd
  • Beautiful and lush
  • The old Trestle Railway Bridge at Noojee
  • The Goldwings don't look so big from 21 metres up
  • The bridge is 102 metres long and curved
  • Definitely higher than the top of my head. Those big tall straight trees made terrific posts
  • Blue Rock Lake North West of Moe
  • Countryside near Morwell
  • Assured of no gravel roads tomorrow, the cleanup begins

Video of a section of the ride down the Black Spur Road. 3 mins 30 secs, 50Mb.


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