Victorian High Country Ride - Day 13


Thursday, 19 November 2015


We're back in Yass this afternoon, last day of the actual ride, 354 klms completed and the weather has held up well, even though we hit 34 degrees on the way to Yass from Canberra. Tomorrow is going to be a bruiser with us going separate ways but all areas are forecast for temperatures in the high thirties or low forties.


Left Cann River at 8:30am and stopped almost immediately to visit a small school at the historic township of Noorinbee. Only three actual original buildings are left. The building was built in 1898 and became a school in 1901. Over time the building was used for other purposes, moved to somewhere else and eventually moved back to its original location.


From Noorinbee we headed north through the sweeping curves of the Monaro Hwy. Still cool at this time and beautiful country and great riding. Through Bombala to Nimmitabel for smoko at another nice little country bakery, I'm going to miss these when we get home. With the temperature rising, the saving grace was the crossing of the Great Dividing Range at 1110 metres and then sweeping across the high plains through green open country.


Through Cooma and we were now on the same road we had travelled on Day 1 of the ride but this time the temperature was 33 degrees. Into the Canberra outskirts with a slightly better run through the lights and up to the Telstra Tower on Black Mountain. We've been to Canberra a number of times and always mean to go up there but never seem to actually get there. Today's the day. A lift took us to the observation deck, about 60 metres above ground level and 870 metres above sea-level. Really great 360 degree views of Canberra from the deck and signs on the window sills identify what part of Canberra or landmark you are looking at. Well worth the trip and lunch was OK as well.


Back on the road and headed for the motel at Yass ready for a farewell dinner tonight and farewells and safe travels to all as we head off in multiple directions tomorrow. Total distance of the actual ride has been 2923 klms. Another 1200 klms to get here and about that again to get home.


No idea where we will be tomorrow night, it depends on the weather and how long my back holds out as it is a bit tender tonight. 354 klms today; can we do 800klms tomorrow with a very early start to cover as much ground as possible while the day is at its coolest? I'll tell you tomorrow.


  • Historic Noorinbee Township School built in 1898
  • Riding through Bombala
  • Rural scene near Nimmitabel
  • Rural scene near Nimmitabel
  • High Plains - Top of the great Dividing Range north of Nimmitabel - 1110 metres
  • High Plains - Top of the great Dividing Range north of Nimmitabel - 1110 metres
  • The Telstra Tower on Black Mountain
  • Canberra from the Tower - 870 metres above sea level
  • Canberra from the Tower - 870 metres above sea level
  • Final lunch in the Telstra Tower
  • The Group - Craig - Ride Coordinator and Leader
  • The Group - Clint and Charleen
  • The Group - Dan and Kat
  • The Group - Thommo and Gail
  • The Group - Thommo2 and Gayle
  • Farewell Dinner at Yass


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