Victorian High Country Ride - Day 14


Friday, 20 November 2015


Well, I did predict yesterday that today would be a bruiser and I wasn't wrong. We may have been bruised , battered, and knocked down but we weren't beaten. Distance today, 790 klms.


We left Yass at 6:25am after a restless night, with the temperature at 15 degrees and that was the last we saw of low temperatures. As the next couple of hours and the kilometres rolled by, the temperature just continued to rise and we hit Sydney with it at 38 degrees as we rode down Pennant Hills Road which was locked solid with trucks and stopped at every red light, of which there were plenty. The riding in the heat is bad enough but being stopped in the traffic is the pits. Why you would run so much traffic through such a diversion I have no idea. It seems especially ridiculous when we had just completely skirted sydney on the M7.


At least once we got on the Motorway to Newcastle and were moving things improved but the temperature continued to climb hitting 41 degrees by the time we headed north on the Pacific Hwy. Good run up the highway to Port Macquarie with the temperature eventually peaking at 42 degrees and remaining between 40 and 42 until about 3:00pm when we got some relief with a drop to around 36 degrees.


10 hours to cover the distance with a couple of unplanned stops when things started to get out of hand and additional water supplies were required. Two things that have never happened before, including in our ride around Australia. (1) We always have a packet of Allens Snakes in a cubby hole to snack on when we feel a bit tired; they become very soft at 42 degrees and end up sticking to gloves, beards, handgrips and jeans, Ask me how I know. (2) I have a MP3 player in the trunk attached by self-adhesive velcro, the glue holding the velcro softened enough to leave the player lying in the trunk when I lifted the bag out.


Sorry, not many photos today. I think the photographer decided that staying alive was more important that snapping off photos of roads we have travelled numerous times.


On the road again in the morning about the same time after what we hope will be a better night's sleep. There is a need to be home by lunch time so we can cool off, clean up and attend a second birthday party for a granddaughter. I anticipate that temperatures will be similar to today.


  • On the road early, even some fog on the hills, wish it had stayed this cool
  • Along the Hume Highway
  • Along the Hume Highway
  • Along the M7 Tollway
  • TRaffic on Pennant Hills Road
  • Hawkesbury River
  • Taking a break in the shade



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