Victorian High Country Ride - Day 15


Saturday, 21 November 2015


HOME. 386 klms today. You need to take all the mileages with a grain of salt as Goldwing speedos are not known for their accuracy. Even with some electronic adjustment to have the road speed register correctly, the distance travelled reading is still low by around 0.6%. Not much but it never agrees with the map or the GPS, neither of which agree with each other anyway.


Not too bad of a day today, started around the 23 degree mark reaching 34 a couple of times before getting home to 31 degrees.


Apart from the roadworks that are occurring and will continue to do so to at least 2017/18, I really enjoy the ride from Grafton north especially the section along the Clarence River to Harwood and again alongside the Richmond River north of Woodburn. It will be a shame if these sections disappear when these sections of the highway are upgraded.


A short stop at the Sleepy Hollow Rest Area for a leg stretch and a mandarin then the last leg home.


It has been a great two weeks riding in the company of friends a total of 5377 klms since we left home two weeks. The other best parts, no accidents no mechanical woes apart from a few tail/brake light bulbs, strange, and of course, the roads of the highlands.


Thanks again to Craig for organising the ride. Very well planned and the effort was much appreciated and for once, apart from booking our accommodation, we didn't have to do any organising for Therese and myself, just had to follow the leader. Thanks also to good friends who participated in the ride and provided companionship at the many coffee stops and meals.


Thank you reader for following our ride, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I know I promised you some videos, they will come in the next few days. I have the first one included on Day 10, 16th November. The rest will have to come as I improve my video editing skills. If you want to check them out, check the Site Updates link on the front page menu, as I will list them there.


Now, it's off to that birthday party.


  • Driving alongside the Clarence River north of Grafton. Love this part of the ride down there.
  • Driving alongside the Clarence River north of Grafton. I hope this view is not lost when the highway is upgraded
  • Crossing the Clarence River at Harwood
  • More roadworks, 2017/18 can't come soon enough
  • More roadworks, 2017/18 can't come soon enough
  • Last break for a leg stretch, mandarin and a drink at the Sleepy Hollow Rest Area