Hunter Valley and Beyond 2009 - Day 5


Thursday, 1 January 2009

Time to reload the trailer and head for Wollongong to visit Frans and Jeanie. We have arranged to meet at the northern end of the Sydney Royal National Park for a different ride to Wollongong, having done the freeway a number of times. We’re early and it’s fairly warm day. This is obviously a popular spot judging by the number of cars lined up to enter the park while we wait for Frans. This is a great ride and easy to see why it is a favourite with local motorcyclists. Out the southern end and we follow the coast all the way crossing the Sea Cliff bridge at Coalcliff. This 1.6 km bridge is built on pylons out from the cliffs, curves around the headlands and is actually over the ocean in some places. A beautiful ride and thanks again Frans, it was not the way I would have gone. There’s usually no substitute for local knowledge as we will again find out tomorrow. It’s not always true though and we will learn that in a few days time.

We arrived at Frans’ place and he immediately drops a cold stubbie in our hands and fires up the BBQ. Need a BBQ cook? Give Frans a call. After lunch we were given a car tour of the Wollongong area and talked into spending an extra day so we could take a ride through the ranges tomorrow. Should be OK, had an extra day on the itinerary anyway.

We had had a minor problem with the trailer on the last trip where the tyre rubbed on the suspension. I had taken steps to avoid the problem reoccurring but I rechecked the left hand wheel after Frans commented on having had the occasional smell of burning rubber. Sure enough, the mounting had loosened again and the tyre had been rubbing on the suspension. Instead of one groove on the tyre from the last trip, there are now two. We added some preload to the suspension and tightened the mount and hoped that it would fix the problem. It is only wear on the tyre sidewall surface, no damage to the belts so it should be OK. The wheels have to be aligned and the tyres replaced before the big trip next year, so no replacement today. Just to be sure, we did a quick trip to Bunnings for a couple of cheap spanners so I had the tools to tighten it if it loosens again. (A suspension overhaul in Coffs Harbour by the trailer manufacturer has since identified and corrected the problem)


  • Botany Bay
  • Riding through Sydney Royal National Park
  • Riding through Sydney Royal National Park
  • Riding through Sydney Royal National Park following Frans
  • Sea Cliff Bridge at Coalcliff
  • Sea Cliff Bridge at Coalcliff
  • Sea Cliff Bridge at Coalcliff
  • Looking out over Wollongong
  • Looking out over Wollongong and Port Kembla
  • Looking out over Port Kembla
  • Looking out over Wollongong beaches


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