Hunter Valley and Beyond 2009 - Day 6


Friday, 2 January 2009

We head out from Mt Keira up the Macquarie Pass to Robertson and the old cheese factory then down past the Fitzroy Reservoir and on to Kangaroo Valley for lunch at the local pub. After lunch we continue south to Nowra then head north along the coast and back inland to Jamberoo for coffee at their local pub. Back to Mt Keira and we covered about 180 kms for the day. Talk about a great spot to live, a bit like having the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Hinterlands at your back door. A very enjoyable ride and again, one I would not have taken without the local knowledge.
We are supposed to meet a friend in Cessnock on what I thought was Sunday night and I get a call from Trevor saying he had trouble getting accommodation on the way down and is almost in Cessnock and will be there tomorrow. Apparently I’m supposed to be as well. That extra day I had was next week apparently. Well, if we get there, we get there, otherwise it will be Sunday.


  • Riding through Macquarie Pass
  • Riding through Macquarie Pass
  • Riding through Kangaroo Valley
  • Riding through Kangaroo Valley
  • Hampden Bridge, Kangaroo Valley
  • View from a lookout back toward Wollongong
  • View from a lookout back toward Wollongong
  • Coffee with Frans and Jeanie at Jamberoo


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