Hunter Valley and Beyond 2009 - Day 10


Tuedsay, 6 January 2009

We head north then turn east to Hawks Nest to follow the coast line, another fun bike ride, up to Forster and across the bridge into Tuncurry for a smoko break. Just as we are putting our stuff on the rest area table, an old chap rides up on his push bike and sits down. We join him and gradually get him into our conversation. He’s 84, of Dutch origin, and tells us of his time during the war and he used to ride motorcycles. Therese notices he has a camera with him so we give him the opportunity to sit on both bikes while we take his photo. He insists we also get in the photos. I’m not sure he will remember the incident, so when he gets the photos developed, he may be in for a surprise.
From here we head for Nabiac to visit the Australian Motorcycle Museum. I love wandering through this place and looking at bikes you will find almost nowhere else. The owner tells us there is a group of riders turning up in about 30 minutes. Sure enough, 30 minutes later, in rides the Gypsy Jokers chapter. The situation repeats itself later after we head to the pub for lunch. It’s beginning to look like we’re the forward party.
From here we continue up the highway to Port Macquarie, found a caravan park and settled in. Trevor preferred the comfort of air conditioned accommodation and grabbed a motel in town. Getting together later in the afternoon, being in NSW, we were entertained by the rabbits enjoying the grass of the caravan park. Dinner at the local sports club topped off a good day.


  • Off the highway and heading for Tuncurry
  • Followin' the M109
  • Just cruzin'
  • Following the coast line north
  • Crossing the bridge between Forster and Tuncurry
  • Smoko time beside the Wallamba River
  • Just a bit bigger than his push bike
  • Just a bit bigger than his push bike
  • Following the coast line north
  • Following the coast line north
  • Rabbit visitors at the Port Macquarie Caravan Park
  • "Peter" Rabbit?
  • Just relaxin'


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