Hunter Valley and Beyond 2009 - Day 14


Saturday, 10 January 2009

With Fran looking after the shop and Therese and Jayne going shopping, Bob, Bear, Meady and I head out for a ride. After two weeks with a pillion and a loaded trailer I had forgotten had a wing feels; took a few blocks for get it all under control. We head south to Macksville then to Taylors Arm to the "Pub with No Beer" for lunch. After lunch it was back up the highway and into Sawtell for a look around and out across the beautiful Coffs coastal views. After a cold drink we continued up the coast to Coffs Harbour and back to the motel.
Amazing really, the way we travel big distances then go for a ride. By the time we started in the morning, I had covered around 2900 klms in the previous two weeks and then I go for a day ride. Just like our Victorian friends who take two days to get here, then go for a day ride then take two days to go home.
After an enjoyable BBQ hosted by Fran and Bob, we headed to the Ex-Services Club for some entertainment by a group, “Frogs on Toast”, who are friends of Bob and Fran and were staying at the motel. Now, what goes on at these weekends stays on these weeks but I tell you, I don’t think we’ve every laughed so much. Not at the entertainers, but at the antics of some of the club patrons and of course the banter that was ongoing within the group. It must really be a bugger to be young and be picked on by your elders and have to continue to treat them with the respect they probably don’t deserve.
After a few more social drinks which Bob was smart enough to avoid, something to do with cooking breakfasts in the morning, we called it quits for the night, (morning?).


  • Relaxing with Bob and Fran at the Town Lodge Motel, Coffs Harbour
  • Bear relaxing at the Town Lodge Motel
  • Bob cooking dinner on the BBQ
  • Bear and Meady relaxing but banished to the far side of the pool
  • Enjoying the break
  • Jayne enjoying the BBQ


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