Japan 2018 - Days 16 & 17



Wednesday/Thursday, 03/04 October 2018, Osaka - Singapore - Brisbane


My apologies for the delay in getting this update completed. If you are still following and wondering what's happened, we are home and settled back in. Its been a very busy few days catching up with family but things have settled down now.


On Wednesday in Osaka, we took advantage of the opportunity to have a bit of a sleep-in then caught up with the remainder of the group over breakfast. After that, it was pack up the gear and check-out with the hotel holding our gear until later in the afternoon when we would return and head out to the airport on the 4:05pm shuttle. There was quite a large shopping mall within walking distance of the hotel, two mall levels with lots of open space and linked by walkways to the hotels, so that was the preferred destination for the morning. As the hotel is close to the airport, it seems to cater to a lot of tourists and this was obvious by the shops in the mall. Mostly high-end shops with most items and prices displayed in English.


We skipped lunch, having intended to eat to kill some time but the food court shop we approached only took cash and we had already spent all we had, so we decided dinner could wait until we got to the airport. Two of our friends lunched on teriyaki chicken burgers in the food court reporting that they were good. We returned to the hotel about 1:30pm with the others arriving during the next couple of hours. I took advantage of the break to write and upload the story for the previous day.


At 4:05pm, seven of us boarded the shuttle for the 30 minute ride to the airport. One to catch a 7.00pm flight to Melbourne and the rest of us waiting what seemed like forever to catch the 11:25pm flight to Brisbane. By the time we arrived at the airport, one of the couple who had the teriyaki chicken burgers was suffering with what we suspected was food poisoning. That didn't bode well for the upcoming 16 hours of flight time.


It was a fairly uneventful flight for us to Singapore, the same could not be said for our teriyaki chicken burger eaters with them both now quite ill. Into Singapore around 4:45am with a two and a half hour flight change lay-over and having to get to the far end of the terminal with two very sick travellers was not easy and it involved a visit to a chemist to get something to relieve the symptoms. By 4:30pm we were on the ground in Brisbane and saying goodbye to our four new friends, two of whom were actually feeling a little better by the time we landed.


As 4:30pm had not been a very suitable time to arrange for family to pick us up, I refitted the Telstra cards to the phones to call a taxi or Uber to get us home. No sooner did I have the phones fired up than we got a message from Matthew telling us he was there at the airport to pick us up. Great and thanks Matthew.


I have to admit, the whole trip was better that I thought it would be. Although I got sick of looking at the back of the bus seat in front of me and suffered a sore back from being cramped in the seats, what we saw of Japan was really terrific. The tour was Nexus Holidays - Timeless Japan 16 Days tour with an add-on Hiroshima 2 Nights tour. For some reason we didn't get the 2 nights in Hiroshima which was disappointing as we ended up spending the evening on the train back to Osaka when that would have been better spent in Hiroshima then taking the train in the afternoon direct to the airport.


All in all, a great way to spend a couple of weeks.






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