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Planning for this trip was quite simple. Therese decided she wanted to go somewhere to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary. Decision was quick; Japan. Why? Simple really, I went there in 2009, 3 of our boys and partners have been there recently and we have friends that go regularly and everyone has enjoyed it apart from those who were there in the big earthquake of 2011. It had to be a relaxing trip so the decision was made to take a bus tour. I'm not convinced that will be relaxing but I'm willing to put it to the test. At least I won't be fighting with a GPS so that has to be a benefit.


The tour we decided is as per the map above. It only covers the southern part of the main island, Honshu, but we will do as far north as Kanazawa, which will give us the chance to catch up with some friends we have in the Toyama area.


This journal will be written as it happens and as usual, the story and associated pictures are primarily for the interest of family and friends but we welcome anyone who would like to travel with us from their lounge chair or as entertainment on public transport while going to work. This time, the route is preplanned and controlled by someone else.


Previous trips have involved displaying our route created from a GPS points from our SPOT tracker. We have previously tried to map bus travel using the SPOT but this hasn't always worked as the SPOT often cannot see the sky to send and receive the satellite signals. I have created a map for the purpose and it can be found here. As feared though, the tracking has not been good for a number of reasons but it was the best I could do.


Until we finish the trip there will be some page days that are blank. Each day is updated as we go and so if blank it is probably in the future and we haven't got there yet. Sometimes there may be a problem with your viewing device not refreshing the browser cache. If it doesn't refresh, you won't see the new page if it exists. To fix this, simply click on the "Reload Page" button under the page heading. If that doesn't work, there is either no change to the page or you should go to your internet or app settings and clear the internet cache there.


Read and enjoy the trip. If you want to contact us, click on the "Contact us" link on the menu. We'd love to hear from you.


I hope you enjoy the trip and that it's as entertaining for you as it should be for us.


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