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14/9/2014: The planning is almost complete, the bags are packed and we head out before sun-up on Wednesday. The last couple of days have been spent packing and getting the website ready. Friends and family have asked for updates similar to our Round Oz ride so here we go again; nights being spent getting the website updated from the day's travels. Not this time I hope. I think I've worked out a way to present the photos so they work on all devices, unlike last time when many people had issues even though the process worked perfectly for just as many.

In an attempt to save me time, I have set up all the necessary pages and links already and will fill in the details as we go. That means, if you go to a page for a day in the future, there won't be anything there, 'cause we haven't got there yet. Sorry about that but the crystal ball doesn't travel well.

Will this trip be as exciting and as entertaining for you and us as the last one was? Probably not; just Therese and I this time, no Thommo to accompany us, he is currently in Europe; not a bike ride this time as we are hiring a car although we will be riding while in Auckland, hired VFR800 and gear; hopefully no breakdowns to provide the unnecessary excitement we had last time. We will be catching up with a AWRA member currently known only through email, so we are looking forward to that.


See here for a map of the route.


Read and enjoy the trip as much as we did. If you want to contact us, click on the "Contact us" link on the menu.


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A Trip Synopsis will be here after we get home..