Superbikes 2016 Ride



22/02/2016: I've been let off the leash and allowed to roam free for a quick ride down to Phillip Island near Melbourne, Victoria. This racing circuit is considered to be the best motorcycle racing circuit in the world. On the 26 - 28 February Australia hosts the 2016 opening round of the World Superbike Championships. I've never been before but it was on the bucket list and when the opportunity arose to accompany my mate Clint, I jumped at the chance. The "pillion in a million" encouraged me, especially the part where she didn't have to go and watch a group of motorcycles going round and round in circles. I don't know, some people just don't understand. While that means limited or no photos while riding, this trip will follow well worn routes and it is is about the destination this time, not just about the ride.


As usual, all the necessary pages and links are already set-up and I'll fill in the details as we go. That means, if you go to a page for a day in the future, there won't be anything there, 'cause we haven't got there yet. Sorry about that but the crystal ball doesn't travel well.


As usual this information is for the interest of family and friends or anyone who would like to travel with me from the lounge chair or just to keep a track of where we are. I hope you all enjoy the ride and it is as entertaining for you and me as the last one.


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Story and some photos


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A Trip Synopsis will be here after we get home.