Superbikes 2016 Ride - Day 1


Tuesday, 23 February 2016


An early start before sunrise to meet Clint at 6:00am at the Shell servo on the Old Cleveland Road Gateway off ramp. Cloudy skies with a hint of rain in the air suggested either a chance of showers or at least possibly cool riding. I arrived at the Shell 10 mins early just as Clint was parking his bike having fueled up ready togo. I was already fueled so it was straight out on the road.


You will have to forego the usual photos accompanying these stories as the "pillion in a million" isn't on this trip and it's a bit hard to take photos and ride as well. For today and tomorrow at least, if you want photos, see the first two days of the Victorian High Country Ride as we are following basically the same route.


About 10 mins into the ride we hit the first and only shower of the day although we were on wet road for about 20 minutes. Heavy traffic, tradies peak hour, until we hit the Cunningham Highway heading for Warwick. Excellent run to Warwick and through to breakfast in Stanthorpe. About this time I remembered that while packing the bike I had walked past the rubbish bin I had ready to put out on the street but realised I had forgotten something. Went back inside and grabbed it, hopped on the bike and left. Luckily I rang Therese and she had seen the bin and put it out.


Leaving Stanthorpe and heading for Texas, we were still enjoying 20 - 22 degree temperatures so it was great riding weather and a great riding road. That is, apart from the road kill. Must have been a bad night for kangaroos, wallabies and pigs judging by the number of carcases we had to avoid.


From Texas to Warialda and the temperature started to rise, oh well, it is summer and it was too good to last. Just past Warialda, the odometer of the bike rolled over to all the 1s; 111,111 klms. Won't see anything like that until it's all the 2s. Another friend has this bikes brother and it already has well past that number as well. Nothing to worry about here, Goldwings are built to go the distance.


We made good time continuing on to Gunnedah with the temperature rising to 34 degrees. Still early based on Queensland time so we continued on to Coolah to shorten tomorrow's distance. Last time for breakfast at Coolah, this place lived up to its name, but that was early in the morning, today, arriving today it was still 34 degrees. Into a motel, quick wash of the bikes to remove the day's bugs and mud from a drive through new roadworks following the water truck. Seems that always happens. With tasks all done, that meant it was time to touch base at home and head to the pub for a cold one and dinner.


That's about it, we're about halfway to Bright where we meet up with the others tomorrow night, so, another early start tomorrow morning to cover ground before the forecast high temperatures hit us.


785 klms today, Bright tomorrow night.


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