Superbikes 2016 Ride - Day 2


Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Another early start today. On the road by 6:00am, sunrise at 6:45am. It was noticeably dark but dawn soon added assistance to two sets of lights. Forecast for a hot day but no worries yet, 16 degrees.


From Coolah we headed through Mudgee to Bathurst where we did the obligatory tour of the circuit. What else could a red-blooded males on the way to a race meeting do? From Bathurst it was on to Blayney for breakfast at a bakery we approved of last time we were there. After breakfast and a check-in back home we headed toward Cowra but turned off at Woodstock for the ride across Wyangala Dam. For those who followed the Victorian High Country Ride this was the route where we struck the road works that resulted in very muddy bikes and in some cases, pillions as well when they elected to walk the length rather than risk a fall. All's good know, beautiful stretch of new road. Not too far on from there we came across a VFR 800 and rider standing forlornly beside the road. A rear tyre down to the belts and worn through in one spot resulting in an unrepairable flat. His mates had headed of in each direction to seek assistance, no phone reception there. He was equipped with water so we wished him well and continued on. The temperature was around 35 degrees by this time.


Continuing on through to Boorowa and by a number of back roads to the Hume Hwy for a short boring ride to South Gundagai for fuel for the bikes and water for us. A break to recover as it was 38 degrees by now but still with a long way to go. Tumut, Wondalga, Tumbarumba, Towong and then onto the Murray Valley highway at Corryong. Temperature was consistently at 40 degrees. Signs on sections of the road warned it was slippery when snow or ice was around. No chance of that today.


From Corryong we rode along the upper end of the Hume Dam past Tallangatta then across country up to just short of Mt Beauty and over the Tawonga Gap road and into Bright at 5:00pm. 11 hours on the road and very hot and dry. Found the people we were looking to meet, at the pub, where else, so we grabbed a room and proceeded to sample the XXXX Gold with dinner.


887 Klms for the day, Phillip Island tomorrow.


I know I said there'd be no photos but bear with me as I experiment and try to provide something. Why are most of the photos directly down the road you ask. Well, the GoPro camera is mounted on the windscreen and operated by remote. If you think using a mobile phone while driving is dangerous, imagine trying to use a normal camera. Of course, if I had bought some of the other mounts, I may have be able to angle the camera in other directions - next time.



  • Goldwings on Skyline at Mt Panorama Goldwings on Skyline at Mt Panorama
  • Out of the shadows Out of the shadows
  • Delays caused by the other kids playing with bigger toys Delays caused by other people playing with bigger toys
  • On the road, 40 Degrees and dry On the road, 40 Degrees and dry
  • On the road, 40 Degrees and dry On the road, 40 Degrees and dry


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