Superbikes 2016 Ride - Day 3


Thursday, 25 February 2016


Here we go again, another day on the road before sunrise. Well, the sun had probably risen on the other side of the range but at 6:45am, that was close enough. Couldn't leave for the run up Mt Hotham in the dark, hard enough work in broad daylight.


Good run up the mountain with very little traffic, again, check out the photos and video in the Victorian High Country ride. Quite a lot of cloud cover looking like possible showers but so far so good. Down the range to Omeo but with many sections of the road heading directly into the sun, vision was a bit limited in places. Omeo was a possible fuel/breakfast stop but no, looks like it will be Bruthen. Omeo to Bruthen is another teriffic section of road following a series of creeks as it winds down to Bruthen and Bairnsdale. Today it was spoilt a little as we finally had some light showers, not enough to wet us but enough to wet the road and take the fun out of a number of sections.


Just out of Bruthen comes the question, "Have you enough fuel to go to Bairnsdale?" "No worries" I reply looking forward to breakfast. Bikes refueled and I suddenly find that we might wait a bit longer for breakfast.


From Bairnsdale we headed down the Princes Hwy to Sale then further south finally stopping in Yarram at a little Milk Bar for a nice Bacon and Egg Roll and a coffee at 11:30! Once again, new road for me so that was a change and while being a good road, it was not the most interesting part of the trip. From Yarram we continued on through Welshpool to Inverloch and on to Wonthaggi, arriving at the house in Cowes at 2:00pm.


This afternoon was spent in a combination of washing the bugs off the bikes, waiting for Sheryl, Charleen and Eddie to arrive, picking up our tickets and purchasing groceries to see us through the next three days.


520 Klms for the day and 2,192 klms later we are on Phillip Island. Tomorrow is practice day.


The photo experiments did not go well today. Straight ahead does not make good photos when trying to get an aspect highlighting the creek beside the road. Anyway, I did get a couple of somewhat reasonable ones but the camera had a dead bug on the lens cover so that squashed that idea. Heres a couple of others.


  • Another dawn start - A portent of showers to come? Another dawn start - A portent of showers
  • On top of the world - Mt Hotham On top of the world - Mt Hotham
  • Living life on the edge Living life on the edge


A short video of the entry to Phillip Island.




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