Superbikes 2016 Ride - Day 4


Friday, 26 February 2016


Well, you know what they say, no news is good news. Not a lot to talk about this evening. Spent the day watching racing bikes going past at some majorly fast speeds with a lot of noise but often it was hard to see the bike race numbers and with a new season, new riders, new colours etc, it was often hard to identify who was who. Still, good to watch the different classes of bikes although today was really about setup and practice and timings for qualifying. Tomorrow will be more interesting as the racing starts for the both the Superbike World Championship bikes and the Australian championships. Also, tomorrow we get to do a pit walk past all the top bikes so that should be interesting.


Good fun wandering around among the spectator bikes. A few interesting things there. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me when I saw some of them so I have to make sure I carry it tomorrow. Should be a lot more bikes to look at tomorrow as more arrive today like Patto, the last member of our house party.


Also good fun wandering through the exhibitor stands looking at new bikes and various other goodies. Yamaha, Kawasaki, BMW, MV Augusta, Royal Enfield to name a few bike exhibitors and lots of others selling various other clothing and accessories. I managed to find a few goodies that I can use on a forthcoming project. I'll just have to seek permission to purchase.


A couple of photos of the circuit and some bikes below. I thought I'd better get something to show for the day. Hopefully I'll have more tomorrow but the speeds at which the bikes go past make it a bit difficult.


Only 25 klms to and from the track today. A bit easier on the body.



  • Beautiful 1975 Goldwing with Vetter touring kit Beautiful 1975 Goldwing with Vetter touring kit and lots of chrome added
  • Phillip Island Circuit Race Control Phillip Island Circuit Race Control
  • Race pits Race pits
  • Bikes on the circuit Bikes on the circuit
  • Bikes on the circuit Bikes on the circuit
  • Bikes on the circuit Bikes on the circuit


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