Superbikes 2016 Ride - Day 7


Monday, 29 February 2016


Left Cowes at around 8:30am this morning heading north of Melbourne to visit friends, Ken and Christine who couldn't join us on the High Country ride last year, while Clint and Charleen went into Melbourne to meet up with family before Charleen and Eddie headed for the airport.


With my destination set into the GPS I headed off, confident that this technological marvel would magically transport me via the quickest route. As I left San Remo, there on the side of the road there was this little red car with two cane chairs strapped on the roof. Continuing up the highway, the GPS directed me off into a side road and immediately onto a just watered section of road works. Marvelous how the water truck has always just gone through before I get there. Maybe the GPS knows that as well? Anyway continuing on up toward Pakenham until confusion set in and the GPS had me in the middle of nowhere between roads. Apparent map problem but at least I picked the correct road and I was back on the way with no time lost. I then pulled onto the M1 heading for Melbourne and there, on the side of the road was a little red car with two cane chairs on top. What chance two cars like that in the same area! So much for the quickest route. Turns out there was a new road section just up the road from where I turned off and that was obviously the quicker route.


Around Melbourne via the freeways and tunnels and up to Greenvale visiting. Then set the GPS to the Coles-Express at Craigieburn as arranged for meeting back up with Clint. After waiting 30 mins, I sent Clint a message saying I was at the servo. Straight back came the phone call, " I'm at the servo and you're not here". Turns out my GPS and Google maps disagree on which servo is the Coles-Express at Craigieburn. Clint was at the correct meeting point as per or Google maps planning and it was a further 5 minutes up the road.


On the road at 1:00pm we headed north to Albury, with the help of Allens Snakes for an energy hit, then off the Hume Hwy to Culcairn for fuel continuing on through Wagga Wagga to Cootamundra, birth place of Don Bradman, where we have parked for the night.


Early start tomorrow and we'll see how far we get.


687 klms today which wasn't bad considering the late start, the social calls and the servo mix up.


Sorry no photos today.


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