United Kingdom and Ireland Aug - Nov 2017




Planning for this trip commenced back around 2012/13. The route was worked out and revised many times but due to a number of issues and circumstances, the trip did not eventuate. Planning resumed late in 2015 for a 2016 trip but was again postponed when one of our boys became engaged with plans to be married in Mexico. For those of you who followed our USA trip, you will know that that one overtook the UK and Ireland plan.

At the end of 2016, another of our boys transferred to London so, with family and grandchildren to visit, this plan was again resurrected and now the time has finally arrived. Tickets have been booked and map above gives a rough outline of the planned route. Not as far to travel as we did in the USA so it should be a bit more relaxed and a different style of trip with more time to play tourist.

Are we motorcycling this one? Well, back when this was first planned, I made a promise that I would travel UK and Ireland in whichever Therese wanted to but for the USA it was to be my way and by motorcycle. We ended up doing USA first and now I've had to reluctantly agree to do this by car. Boring!

Starting with a few days in London catching up then to Ireland for a couple of weeks of looking around and checking up on long deceased ancestors locations then back to London to commence the second leg doing that all over again.

This journal will be produced and as usual, the story and associated pictures are primarily for the interest of family and friends but we welcome anyone who would like to travel with us from their lounge chair or as entertainment on public transport while going to work. As with the USA trip, in addition to the story you can follow the track of where we are. This link will provide a real time GPS location track of our progress. To see all the GPS track points on the map, click on UK and Ireland Tour> Adjustments> % Fill and select a percentage of points to display up to ALL, then click Update Map.


Of course, there will be nothing here beyond this page until we actually get started. There should be an update each day. As all the pages are stored as blanks, sometimes there is a problem with the viewing device not refreshing the browser cache. If yours doesn't, you won't see the new page. To fix this, just click on the "Reload Page" button under the page heading.


Read and enjoy the trip. If you want to contact us, click on the "Contact us" link on the menu. We'd love to hear from you.


I hope you enjoy the trip and that it's as entertaining for you as it will for us.


Links to the daily progress updates are in the table below......


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A synopsis will be found here soon after we get back home.