United Kingdom and Ireland - Day 1



Friday, 25 August 2017, Brisbane to London


Well, here we go, the first tale of many for this trip; alternatively, it could be the first of very few if I lose too many hours sleep.


After a few years of planning and delays, we are finally on our way. Off to the airport with 3 hours to check in and wait for boarding then an 8 hour flight to Hong Kong where we are as I start this page. Arrived here at 7:00am local time and now have a 7 hour lay-over before we head for London and a further 13 hours in the air.


Good flight in a A350-900. A little bumpy in places but way better than what we had expected after the big storm that had just passed over Hong Kong. Completely dark flight with supper at 2:00am and breakfast at around 5:30am and arriving just after sun up. Really great meals but a friend had flown the same flight a week ago and had headphone problems. Must be common as mine cut in and out the entire time, 3 movies but only saw about 70% of them as I did get some sleep at least.


7 hours on the ground waiting to board the connecting flight. Reading, sleeping and buying 2 coffees and a slice of banana cake; What! $106.00, Phew, Hong Kong dollars: 6 Aussie dollars to 1 Hong Kong dollar, that's better. We probably should have grabbed a cab or something and done a quick tour of Hong Kong but it's easy to decide that after the event. At least by staying at the terminal we didn't have to go out through immigration.


On the plane, a B777-300EB this time, a bit older and a bit more cramped but had better facilities. Best news on take-off was the ETA was scheduled 30 minutes early. Didn't quite work out that way but still, we were in 10 minutes early but that and more was lost in the longest wait for baggage claim ever. Good flight with just a couple of interruptions with bumpy weather. Once again, the headphones provided as much entertainment while I tried to maintain sufficient connection for the sound to work properly as I got from watching the actual movies. I guess the headphones get a lot of use and with the connection in constant contact with a leg they must get knocked around.


We travelled Premium Economy which has benefits when you're a big fella like me but it means that you sit over the wing and miss out on a view of the ground during the day flights.


Through UK customs in very quick time and Peter found us waiting at the baggage claim as he had landed from Poland about 15 minutes before we came in.


We grabbed an Uber from the airport and arrived at Peter and Astrid's about 10:00pm, almost 39 hours after leaving home. First taste of UK and London roads was interesting. I was surprised that we were no sooner on the motorway and we had a section of 60 kph but then realised that while their signs are similar to ours with the black numbers in a red circle, of course they are in miles per hour. Off the motorway and immediately into streets that are barely wide enough for two cars at any time and then there are cars parked on either side of them. Arrived at the house and a catch-up with Astrid over a cup of tea, With the grand kids asleep, that will have to wait for tomorrow morning. Probably an early wake up.


With the first leg in darkness, 7 hours in the terminal then cloud and sleeping the second, there is a very limited selection of photos. Hopefully that will improve.



  • The A350-900 we flew in to Hong Kong The A350-900 we flew in to Hong Kong
  • Across the airport to the mountains Across the airport to the mountains
  • Looking toward the harbour. Looking toward the harbour.



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