United Kingdom and Ireland - Day 23



Saturday, 16 September 2017, Dublin to Ealing


Not much story and no photos today.


After breakfast and a battle to get the main suitcase down to the maximum weight limit and then get the rest of our gear into the carry-on luggage. All done and loaded into the car and an uneventful drive to the airport rental drop-off. The car passed inspection no problems but the guy was impressed that I had washed it.


On the plane, an Airbus A319, and in the air right on time with the promise of an early arrival at Heathrow. sure enough, in about 20 minutes before schedule but then lost all that time waiting fr the luggage to be available.


Off to the rental pick-up and through the processing, Saturday and busy. Discussions over what sort of car we would get after the one we got in Ireland. Good if we can get on with cruise control. Wasn't forthcoming on what we would get or if it would be petrol of diesel. Soon found out why. Just got to section and pick the one I want. This should be good I thought. Out to the cars and a choice of .......... one, a Vauxhall Astra. But it is a red one and it has cruise control and only 13,000 miles on the clock so it should be OK.


Set up the GPS and the Spot for the 20 minute drive through light London traffic to Peter and Astrid's place for a few of days before we hit the road again. Arrived to the grandkids waiting for us and spent the remainder of the afternoon with them.




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