United Kingdom and Ireland - Day 24



Sunday, 17 September 2017, Ealing - Chiswick - Ealing


Some sunshine between the cloud and looking like is could be a reasonable day. With Peter due back from Australia tonight, there was enough room in the car for 2.5 adults and two child seats. Luckily Therese is only a .5 so we decided to check out Richmond Park.


Created in the 17th century as a Deer Park, Richmond Park is the largest of London's Royal Parks covering 9.5 hectares. The park is open to the public and still has a large herd of deer. A quick check of the park information and a 30 minute drive and we arrive to find the gates closed to traffic. No worries, we head to another gate and this time ask questions. Closed today for a sporting event involving plenty of push bikes on the roads. Sorry, will not be open until tomorrow morning. We check websites for information but still no mention of the closure.


With a packed picnic lunch we decided to head for Chiswick and found a nice park in the centre to ttown. No sooner spread the blanket and we get some light rain but it goes just as quick. A small flock of London's pigeons joined us for a while to entertain the children but their excitement and chasing then soon finished that game.


A walk around the centre of Chiswick resulting in some lovely fresh fruit from a market stall and it was back home to wait for Peter's plane to land and him to get home.


Quiet day all told and tomorrow is washing and organisational catch-up day.


  • Picnic in the park at Chiswick Picnic in the park at Chiswick
  • The pigeons arrived to entertain the children The pigeons arrived to entertain the children
  • Walking tour of Chiswick Walking tour of Chiswick



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