United Kingdom and Ireland - Day 66



Sunday, 29 October 2017, Ealing


Cool morning, 8 C and only reached about 14 C, warm where the sun was out and there was no wind but when the wind came up, the wind chill factor was around 2 C less than that.


Started the packing, rearranging things to balance the weights and fit everything into the cases. I wasn't worried about the total weight but just whether everything would fit in the luggage we had. Looking good though.


A brisk 20 minute walk in the sun to one of the local Inns for a Sunday lunch. After lunch we walked back home through one of the many parks and stopped for a while at the playground for the two kids to have a play. By then the sun was behind the clouds and the wind was blowing so it was a cold but pleasant end to the outing.


A couple of beers and ports finished the day off nicely.



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