United Kingdom and Ireland - Day 68



Tuesday, 31 October 2017, Ealing to Somewhere over Europe, almost to Hong Kong


What can I say, up early, morning cool but not a cold as yesterday. Light breakfast in preparation for flying, all packing completed and loaded into the car. Didn't exceed any weight limits so that's good. A little later than planned getting away due to the need for final photos, goodbyes and drying of the goodbye tears.


Into the London traffic and straight into a traffic jam. Moved about 20 metres in around 20 minutes. A repeat of the type of situation we have struck a number of times, the way they split a lane into two, about two car lengths before the stop line. Impossible to see until you are right on it or if there is a couple of cars in front of you. We were in a narrow street, as they all are, we knew there were traffic lights just ahead but no-one was moving except for the occasional vehicle that overtook us on the wrong side of the road, narrowing avoiding oncoming vehicles. Local knowledge you see. Therese got out to get a look at what was going on and just up ahead at the lights there was the short left turn lane, the way we were going, and that was clearing each time the lights changed. It was the straight ahead lane that wasn't moving. What's good for the goose is good for the gander so we did the "up the wrong side of the road" and were around the corner in no time.


A bit more slow moving traffic then onto the dual lane highway and successfully found our way to the rental car drop off. No problems, car met with approval so we were soon on the bus to the terminal with an hour and a half to boarding time. That allowed time for the final bit of shopping then onto the B777-300 for the first leg of the flight.


In the air around midday with a comfortable flight heading east so we were heading toward the approaching night. Flight time was scheduled to be around 11 hours.



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