United Kingdom and Ireland - Day 69



Wednesday, 1 November 2017, Somewhere over Europe to Hong Kong and Brisbane


An early breakfast on the plane and into Hong Kong at 7:00am. Feeling good but tired with little sleep. This was a 5.5 hour lay-over but with disembarkation and boarding the next flight that was really only about 4.5 hours so not too bad and better than going over.


20 minutes late getting off the ground around 1:15pm, with the two hour time difference and having made up time we arrived in Brisbane on time at 11:15pm.


Great, back on Australian soil and through Duty Free, stopping only to purchase a couple of bottles at the right price. Luggage arrival was much quicker than arriving in London as was the trip through Customs and Immigration. Matthew met us and we were home before midnight.


The end of a great ten weeks having seen and experienced a large proportion of the UK and Ireland and arrived home safe and sound.


For those who stuck with this little tale through to the end, well done and I hope you have enjoyed and got something from it.


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