USA - Canada - Mexico 2016 - Day 3



Thursday, 8 September 2016 - Vancouver - Fort Langley


Up early this morning after another night of lost sleep. At least the computer didn't protest last night. Attempted to sort out some of the phone problems and a new banking issue that occurred last night then down for breakfast. Shame we missed yesterday's. Very nice breakfast provided.


We checked out and were picked up by John at 9:00am for a 45 minute drive to Fort Langley. What a lovely community. Just like a small country town. This place was at one time the headquarters of the Hudson Bay Company and for a while was the capital of British Columbia. After meeting John's wife, Terry, it was time to start making a few changes to the Goldwing to better suit our way of travelling. This was mainly to hard wire in my GPS and get the Spot Tracker setup. After lunch and a drive past the original and now historic Fort Langley, with the work finalised, my first test drive and experience of the "wrong" side of the road was to head 5 klms down the road and fuel the bike for a start tomorrow. Survived that OK with no mishaps so that should be a good sign. I will have to watch those right angle turns around towns, easy to forget which side you should be on.


While all this was going on, Terry and Therese made a visit to a doctor for a check and X-ray of the wrist. No positive sign of any fracture but she has to monitor progress over the next two weeks to see how it goes. Therese was then given a tour of an open area behind the house.This area borders onto the the Fraser and Salmon Rivers with some beautiful views.


Very enjoyable home cooked meal tonight, will probably be the last one for a while. I hope as we get into the smaller towns, the eating options/choices will be a bit easier to find.


Tomorrow's the day so we can all look forward to what the trip is really about.


  • Historic Fort Langley Historic Fort Langley
  • First Governer Sir James Douglas with original Fort building in background First Governer Sir James Douglas with original Fort building in background
  • Native American traditional work Native American traditional work
  • Otter and beaver pelt Otter and beaver pelt
  • Fraser River Fraser River
  • Salmon River Salmon River
  • Landing on Salmon River -  Otter droppings on landing Landing on Salmon River - Otter droppings on landing
  • After dinner photo After dinner photo


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