USA - Canada - Mexico 2016 - Day 44



Wednesday, 19 October 2016 - San Francisco, California


No track to follow today, secret squirrel stuff? Nah, just forgot it again. Wasn't very exciting. Mainly me sitting in one spot while Therese wandered about the shop.


Relaxing morning with a late start then headed off to find a group of houses called "The Painted Ladies", also known as "The Seven Sisters" or "The Postcard Row". Quite a nice row of seven houses built in 1892 - 96 . They have apparently appeared on numerous postcards and around 70 movies, TV shows and advertisments.


From there, nothing much except learning more about the local bus system as we moved from where we were to the centre of the main shopping area of San Francisco. Checked out a lot of the big name shops and some of the smaller ones around Union Square and Market Street then caught three buses back to a small shopping area not far from where we are staying. A lot of cafes and restaurants as well as other small shops. We'll be back there tonight for dinner.


Today also required an update to the travel plan as the scenic ride across the rim of Crater Lake is not on thanks to 250 mm, 10 inches, of snow a couple of days ago. National Parks have closed the road. Apart from checking the tyres ready for tomorrow, nothing else to tell.


Tomorrow it's back on the road to start the last five days of riding. Tomorrow we change states into Oregon to overnight in Arcata.


0 klms today, total to date 16168 klms.


  • "The Painted Ladies", also known as "The Seven Sisters" "The Painted Ladies", also known as "The Seven Sisters"
  • Three of "The Painted Ladies" Three of "The Painted Ladies"
  • Pigeons in Union Square Pigeons in Union Square
  • Union Square Union Square
  • Market Street Market Street


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