USA - Canada - Mexico 2016 - Day 53



Friday, 28 October 2016 - Fort Langley, British Columbia - Los Angeles, California


Sorry all, a bit of a nothing but travel today. Woke up to a foggy morning but that had cleared by around 8:30 into a beautiful clear day. Not that we could enjoy it as we were off to the Vancouver Airport to fly to LA.


John generously drove us to the airport and we were quite sad to be moving on. Has been a wonderful few days staying with John and Terry and seeing their home town, not to mention saying goodbye to the person that made our trip trip what it was and had our backs during the ride. We'll miss Terry's home cooked meals as well.


Hung around the airport for a couple of hours then through customs and onto the plane. Embarking was strange to us limited international travellers who are accustomed to the grilling you get when you land in a new country. This time, checked out by USA Customs when we boarded then on arrival, off the plane, picked up baggage and gone. No additional check at all.


Checked into our motel and finalising what we will do for the next three days.


No photos today, but we should have tomorrow night.



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