USA - Canada - Mexico 2016 - Day 56



Monday, 31 October 2016 - Los Angeles, California


Another day of relaxation and shopping today. May sound boring to you but it has given us a chance to catch our breath before next week.


We're staying in Westchester quite close to the airport. This was originally part of the plan when we were bringing our bike over and this was the collection and drop-off point. We are staying almost directly under the flight landing path so there is a constant stream of planes only a few hundred feet overhead. Not a problem with the motel door closed.


This part of the area is mainly motels and airport parking for travellers, airport staff and rental cars. The business area of Westchester is quite a nice place about 1.5 klms from the motel and from there you can almost count the rivets on the plane underbelly as they go over. We went for a walk back down there today for lunch and for Therese to complete her shopping. On the way we stopped under a beautiful stand of Red Ironbark Gums.


The main footpath through the business area has its own Walk of Fame with plaques inlaid into the footpath celebrating the achievements of those involved with the aero-industry over the past century or more.


Finished the day off with dinner at an authentic Greek Restaurant, second visit, accessible from the motel.


Tomorrow we meet up with Marg and Mick as we fly out for Guadalajara, Mexico and the USA portion of our trip is over except for a flight change on the way back home.



  • Continuous stream of these guys overhead Continuous stream of these guys overhead
  • Under a stand of Red Ironbark Gums in Los Angeles Under a stand of Red Ironbark Gums in Los Angeles


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