USA - Canada - Mexico 2016 - Day 57



Tuesday, 1 November 2016 - Los Angeles, California - Guatalajara, Mexico


Another day with very little to relay to you. Travel by the big aluminum bird from Los Angeles to Guadalajara.


Checked out of the motel and caught the shuttle to the airport, booked the luggage in for the flight, 2 pieces of just motorcycle related gear that doesn't have to be opened until we get home but the cost of holding it in LA until we get back in a week's time is ridiculous, US$7 per piece per day, so it's easier to take it with us.


Met up with Marg and Mick at the airport, they had an early start and flew in from Las Vegas, then waited around until our 2:00PM flight. Landed in Guadalajara. at 6:00pm, lost an hour due to time zones, then by the time we collected our bags and got through customs and immigration then caught a taxi for the 15 mile, peak hour trip it was 8:00pm by the time we reached the hotel and were checked in. Great taxi driver though, a good ambassador for Guadalajara. giving us lots of information on what to do, where to go and what to see.


Dinner at a Mexican Restaurant at the hotel and that's about it.


Hopefully, should be able to bring you some photos and tales of Mexico tomorrow night.




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