USA - Canada - Mexico 2016 - Day 60



Friday, 4 November 2016 - Guadalajara, Mexico


Very little to report today and no photos. Mainly a relaxation day and the start of preparations for the wedding tomorrow. The ladies have had their nails done and booked the appointments for their hair. This afternoon was back into town to the church for a practice for the wedding ceremony. A bit different to an Australian wedding so we will have to adjust.


After that, it was off to the markets for some more shopping. Luckily, the markets close at 7:00pm or there about so that saved a late night. Time to come home and I was convinced to use a Uber instead of the driver we had been using, supposedly saving the half hour wait for him to drive in to get us, especially after the issues of the other day. Anyway ordered the Uber, about 8 minutes to arrival, then he drove straight past in spite of our violently waving arms, stopped at a stoplight up the road then cancelled the job. Another five minutes to order another and a 15 minute wait until he arrived. That didn't save much time but he did get us home so that's the main thing.


I know you wait on tenderhooks for these daily updates but sadly, there will be no update tomorrow night for obvious reasons. There is a good chance that I will post it the following morning complete with some photographs. As I said, this is a Mexican wedding and the party will continue on Sunday afternoon so there is a good chance the Sunday update will also be late.



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