USA - Canada - Mexico 2016 - Day 62



Sunday, 6 November 2016 - Guadalajara, Mexico


Well, yesterday's web page update is finally up after trying to connect to the server for about 4 hours before we had to leave for the After Wedding Party. Hopefully tonight's update will go better.


We hit the sack at 4:00 am this morning after another fight with Uber to get a ride home. Tricky place to get into so the first one cancelled and we had to start the wait again. My expert panel of Uber advisors has told me I am just unlucky but it is a common problem here with the traffic density as it is. If they miss a passenger, it can take up to 10 minutes to get turned around and back to that point again.


As is my usual habit of limited sleep, I was up again at 8:00am to write the weddings tales. I woke the photographer at 11:15 for breakfast and to proof read the tales.


Turns out life in general must be pretty easy for Uber Drivers I reckon, after all, they only have to follow the route shown on Uber GPS app to pick up a passenger who has already set the GPS point of the destination. Today it took me over 30 minutes to locate the destination on Google Maps due to differences between the actual address and the manner in which Google names the streets. Finally able to send the request with the destination and of course the start point. Watching the tracking on the app and the car seemed to be going around in circles for over 10 minutes when it was only 3 mins away in the first place but hardly ever on the GPS track????. Happened again on arrival at the destination where the driver turned off at a different point from the app and we immediately ended up in the wrong place going the wrong way and had to circle back. Success at last though, we got a great one on the way home. Young teacher, able to speak some English and had no trouble following the GPS route. Easy as!


Nice relaxing evening at Atrid's Uncle's house over a meal of Tacos cooked by a lady that if she cooked at my BBQ I would not have to wash any of the usual utensils. She made the taco shell in the traditional manner by pressing the dough between two pieces of wood, placing the shell on the hot plate, turning the shells as they cooked ,just using her finger tips. No burnt fingers.


A combination of old and new top 40 music and traditional Mexican music performed live. The music provided by the musicians included a few impromptu performances by a number of the party members doing a more than adequate job of the singing. Quite a lot of talent there.


With Dan's groomsmen mates there as well, that meant quite a number of Australians. Dan mustn't have done the briefing correctly as the beer ran out quite quickly and needed a good old Aussie style beer run for more supplies.


That's about it, I've added a few photos from today and now it's time for a reasonably early catch-up night's sleep and we are off on a tour early tomorrow morning to the Guachimontones Circular Pyramids.



  • Guadalajara Millenium Arches Sculpture Guadalajara Millenium Arches Sculpture
  • A bit of fun at the after wedding party A bit of fun at the after wedding party
  • Preparing Tacos, they were good Preparing Tacos, they were good
  • Settling in for a couple of cold ones Settling in for a couple of cold ones
  • Families at the after wedding party Families at the after wedding party
  • Families at the after wedding party Families at the after wedding party


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